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Project Description Last Change
a-o This website! Well, the front page/feed at least... 2 years ago
ab Game Boy Advance demo for Synchrony, 2016 with glitchy, noisy, 2D effects 2 years ago
bat Nosferatu, born in a vat of slime 6 months ago
biolograms Photos of Mario Kart racers driving through surreal landscapes 5 years ago
bls Top-down fishing simulation on a grid of black pools 2 years ago
bnc Charge up! Send the ball! 3 years ago
bug A parasite bites you and builds a face mask in Bad Bug Eye 2 years ago
dg A game about going coming back to NYC and going to game expos 2 weeks ago
e-sieve UFOs fracking your skull in 1920s America 19 months ago
eco Catch creatures under a veil of static by luring them with mushrooms 5 years ago
egg STORE 2 portal and Egg Trampoline 7 months ago
esb Tony Hawk's electric scrape board 3 days ago
esp Aliens stole your Game Boy! Challenge their hadoukens to get it back 5 years ago
fb Put the fish in the barn 2 months ago
flap Create animation frames using control lines as fold points 2 years ago
fs Amass an arsenal of weapons to destroy Spanky the monkey No commits
grille Web page for my experimental rock album with Jesse Brasero 5 years ago
hoa Quickly rotate points in a sphere into a lens one-by-one 3 years ago
hs Give the slime a good squish 2 months ago
ique A virtual pet tries to explode your skull in a spectacular way 5 months ago
js-lib General Javascript library of basic helper functions 15 months ago
kiln Sokoban-like sliding block puzzle game in an oven 18 months ago
lake Experimental shmup about consulting the I Ching and detonating mines 2 years ago
lwg You can wobble with just the A button 6 weeks ago
mrs Guide a bomb and maximize its impact while telescoping into a map 5 years ago
pgfw Pygame framework that facilitates the creation of projects and adds features 2 weeks ago
pl Planet Licker! Lick to begin! 2 years ago
pp Unglitch NES scenes and solve the puzzle by swapping groups of tiles 10 months ago
sh Deliver drugs in a small town 14 months ago
shrr Website for indie games tournament Super Hot Ronny's Rumble 23 months ago
sso Predict the path of a particle by placing two points 3 years ago
stv Reveal a hidden picture while avoiding a horde of enemies 3 months ago
tw Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 16 months ago
wall Guide a ship that picks up and transports travelers over a high-security border complex 14 months ago
wisp Halt a falling bomb with a bird's laser and launch your UFO 10 months ago