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Project Description Last Change
a-o This website! Well, the front page/feed at least... 17 months ago
ab Game Boy Advance demo for Synchrony, 2016 with glitchy, noisy, 2D effects 14 months ago
bat Nosferatu, born in a vat of slime 3 months ago
biolograms Photos of Mario Kart racers driving through surreal landscapes 4 years ago
bls Top-down fishing simulation on a grid of black pools 18 months ago
bnc Charge up! Send the ball! 2 years ago
bug A parasite bites you and builds a face mask in Bad Bug Eye 9 months ago
dg A game about going coming back to NYC and going to game expos 12 months ago
e-sieve UFOs fracking your skull in 1920s America 5 months ago
eco Catch creatures under a veil of static by luring them with mushrooms 4 years ago
esp Aliens stole your Game Boy! Challenge their hadoukens to get it back 3 years ago
flap Create animation frames using control lines as fold points 18 months ago
fs Amass an arsenal of weapons to destroy Spanky the monkey No commits
grille Web page for my experimental rock album with Jesse Brasero 4 years ago
hoa Quickly rotate points in a sphere into a lens one-by-one 2 years ago
hs Give the slime a good squish 4 months ago
ique A virtual pet tries to explode your skull in a spectacular way 8 months ago
js-lib General Javascript library of basic helper functions 8 days ago
kiln Sokoban-like sliding block puzzle game in an oven 3 months ago
lake Experimental shmup about consulting the I Ching and detonating mines 16 months ago
mrs Guide a bomb and maximize its impact while telescoping into a map 4 years ago
pgfw Pygame framework that facilitates the creation of projects and adds features 6 months ago
pl Planet Licker! Lick to begin! 11 months ago
pp Unglitch NES scenes and solve the puzzle by swapping groups of tiles 16 months ago
shrr Website for indie games tournament Super Hot Ronny's Rumble 8 months ago
sso Predict the path of a particle by placing two points 2 years ago
stv Reveal a hidden picture while avoiding a horde of enemies 23 months ago
tw Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 2 months ago
wisp Halt a falling bomb with a bird's laser and launch your UFO 21 months ago